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From the seeds of jojoba, a nectar for your skin and hair

Hair, skin and nails

The cosmetic virtues of jojoba oil have been known and used for centuries

Simmondsia chinensis is a large shrub that grows wild in Arizona and California (but not in China, as the botanical name would instead suggest). By pressing its ripe seeds, collected in high Summer, you get a liquid wax, improperly called jojoba oil.

This substance is characterised by a high content of valuable elements, such as:

  • B-complex vitamins;
  • vitamin E;
  • minerals such as zinc and copper.

Moreover, it seems that the properties of this oil were already known and used by the Aztecs to soothe skin problems and minor injuries.

What characterises jojoba oil is its unusual composition, devoid of glycerine but with unsaturated fats: this aspect makes it particularly stable and resistant to oxidation.

5 different ways to make the most of jojoba oil

Being one of the few non-solid waxy substances available in nature, jojoba oil is often included in the formulation of creams or cosmetics.

However, it can also be used pure on skin and hair, to fully appreciate its many virtues:

  • moisturising for dry skin, to be distributed on a still wet body after bathing or showering;
  • hair nourishing. It can be used as a pre-shampoo compress to restore vitality to damaged hair; alternatively, you can apply a few drops on the tips before drying them out, to protect your hair from the heat of the dryer and get an anti-frizz effect;
  • emollient and regenerating, excellent for soothing stressed skin after long sun exposure;
  • fights wrinkles and skin imperfections in general (such as stretch marks, small scars etc.). It can be applied in drops on lips chapped by the cold as well as around the eyes;
  • easily absorbed, it can be a great rejuvenating remedy for men's skin after shaving.

The potential application of jojoba oil are indeed many. Its sebum-like composition makes it suitable for combination skin and great for pre-shampoo compresses on the scalp of hair with dandruff.

This oil is almost odourless when pure, but can be "enriched" at will by adding a few drops of fragrant essential oils.


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