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Mental fatigue: how to fight it naturally

How to combat stress and fatigue

Some plants can fight mental fatigue and increase concentration

In ancient times, mental concentration was sought through silence: in the Pythagorean schools, for example, disciples had to observe a five-year silence, after which they would be allowed to speak. According to some, concentration in silence was the only way to inspiration: it goes without saying that, in the past, people used to live in less noisy environments, where they were not baffled by noise, a very rare condition nowadays.

The possible causes of mental fatigue

The stressors that can temporarily send our brain, the body' control unit, haywire are different:

  • heavy workloads;
  • a hectic life;
  • sudden changes in lifestyle etc.

One of the first consequences in these cases is mental fatigue, which takes the form of difficulty concentrating and reduced cognitive performance. Concentration is your ability to focus your attention on an item (material or immaterial) exclusively and constantly in time, without being distracted by (other) external factors. This capacity obviously requires a high mental effort; so it is obviously reduced in cases of mental and physical fatigue, which can occur more frequently at the change of season or during periods of overwork or overstudy. Difficulty concentrating may sometimes also be accompanied by a decline in memory capacity and cognitive functions in general.

Natural helps to boost your concentration

Combating excessive stress and mental fatigue can be a first help to your ability to concentrate. In these cases, after excluding the presence of specific diseases (for which it is always good to consult your doctor), you can also benefit from taking specific natural supplements.

The plants most commonly used in herbal medicine to fight mental fatigue and promote cognitive skills are:

  • Asian coinleaf;
  • eleutherococcus;
  • ginkgo biloba.

Intake of ginseng extract, instead, can help fight physical and mental fatigue, while Bacopa can have a synergistic effect promoting memory capacity and relaxation.

Taking vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine and phosphorus can be extra helpful. Do not forget that, to combat stress and mental fatigue, it is essential to maintain healthy lifestyle and eating habits. We must therefore pay special attention to our daily diet, avoiding overindulgence and limiting the consumption of alcoholic drinks, as well as ensure your body the right amount of sleep.


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